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12th Annual CICA Convention held July 14 & 15, 2017

By Member Travis Stovall, Crook, Colorado

Members of the Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association (CICA) gathered for the first day of their annual convention on Friday at the Livestock Exchange in Brush, Colorado. The group was welcomed by Convention Committeeman and Past President of CICA Gerald Schreiber from Woodrow.

The afternoon was devoted to an educational presentation by Dr. Tom Noffsinger DVM, nationally recognized cattle-handling expert from Benkelman, Nebraska. He demonstrated new and innovative ways of handling cattle in a feedlot setting as well as out in the pasture more relatable to cow/calf producers. He also described safer more efficient ways to process and doctor cattle, and improvements that could be made to facilities.

On Saturday, the CattleGrowers met at the Country Steak Out located in Fort Morgan. President Lorene Bonds, a fourth-generation rancher from the Durango area, opened the convention with a welcome to all in attendance.

The morning was devoted to committee breakouts by current topics relevant to the cattle industry. The members discussed and collaborated on resolutions that they saw fit to be adopted by the group as a whole. These new polices will be voted on by all members on a mail-in ballot, and then become part of the policy book which guides the leadership of the CattleGrowers as they advocate for policy change at the Capitol.

After the noon luncheon, Dr. Dennis Hermesch, a veterinarian with Phibro Animas Health, addressed animal health issues. He is known for his expertise in herd health and vaccine protocols. He gave a brief tutorial over modified live vaccines vs. kill vaccines used in the cattle industry. He focused on helping cow calf producers to better prepare their cattle for the feedlot.

The keynote address was delivered by KrisAnne Hall, a former assistant state attorney from Florida and nationally known speaker, educator, and author, gave an "all inspiring " speech regarding the constitution and what it means to the people it is supposed to represent.

And last but not least, Bill Bullard, the CEO of R-CALF USA, the national affiliate of CICA, reported on the issues facing cattle producers from a national perspective.