Food inspections continue through shutdown but with some compromises
January 8, 2019
Do you care where your burger came from? American cattle farmers do — Washington does not
March 11, 2019
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HB 19-1102 Killed in Committee

Today HB19-1102 Misbranding Meat co-sponsored by Representative Rod Pelton and Representative Kimmi Lewis was postponed indefinitely (killed) in the Colorado House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee.

While both the Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association and the Colorado Land, Water & Food Alliance are disappointed that a bill establishing a state standard for labeling practices in reference to lab-grown or cell-based “meat” products did not appear feasible this session, we are pleased that the legislature is considering a resolution that encourages¬† the USDA to act quickly to address this issue. The American people have a right to know what they are feeding their families, and we join with the Colorado legislature in calling for the federal government to provide policies which ensure that these new products are labeled accurately to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding among American consumers.