About CICA

The Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association’s mission is to actively promote policy that will beneficially affect the live cattle industry at the local, state and national level, securing and preserving a viable livelihood for present and future generations. The Association shall serve to support the financial, environmental, cultural and historical interests of independent cattle producers throughout Colorado and across America.

Founded in 2005 as a non-profit corporation, the organization later received its 501c3 status. Colorado Independent CattleGrowers Association (CICA) protects and represents private enterprise and the true cattle producers of Colorado. With input from the members and leadership from the directors, the Association fights for the preservation for private property rights and competitiveness for all producers, regardless of scale. No one in CICA carries your proxy or vote; you do it for yourself as we have mail-in ballots for producers each fall. The twelve Board of Directors know the issues and voice the opinions of CICA members as there is no hired CEO.

CICA coordinates and works with other state and national organizations that advocate policy that ensures the profitability and viability of the Colorado cattle industry. CICA retains a lobbyist in an effort to represent the interests of our cattle producers, providing an effective and meaningful voice for the industry at the state Capitol. Each year on CICA Legislative Day at the Capitol, members are urged to participate in the opportunity to get acquainted and share their perspectives with legislators.

CICA proudly supports small communities across Colorado in several ways. The association does as much business in our rural towns and communities as possible including hosting our regional meetings, conventions and tours in rural communities as well as utilizing our small rural post offices for all of our mailing.

CICA has been hard at work, advocating for private property rights. Some of the successes are --

  • CICA was involved in the Colorado Coalition Opposing Mandatory 4-H and FFA Animal ID, the driving force behind the national group which stopped mandatory premise registration and animal ID.
  • CICA drafted HB11-1111 which was carried by then State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg and signed into law. This state statute keeps ranch and farm information collected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture within the state and prohibits sharing the information with the USDA.
  • CICA helped stop the implementation of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), protecting cattle producers from increased productions costs and an intrusion of personal privacy of information.
  • CICA worked tirelessly beside other groups in southeastern Colorado to stop expansion of the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site.
  • In 2014 CICA helped stop the proposed Canyon & Plains National Heritage Area (NHA) which would have infringed on property owners’ rights.
  • CICA, in 2015, helped property owners stop the formation of the Bent County Metropolitan District which would have created a taxing district encompassing almost half million agricultural acres in Bent County. Later CICA supported HB17-1065 carried by Representative Kimmi Lewis and signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper in April 2017. This new law clarified requirements governing the formation of metropolitan districts, limited the inclusion of agricultural land within a metropolitan district providing park and recreational services and clarified signature requirements governing judicial approval of a petition for organization of a proposed special district.
  • Sometimes it’s one step forward and two back, like our promotion of country of origin labeling (COOL). CICA worked hard to ensure that the 2008 Farm Bill provided funding to implement country of origin labeling, which was passed into law in 2002. COOL was later repealed for beef and pork. Today CICA continues its fight along with R-CALF to reinstate country of origin labeling for beef.