Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Joins Coalition to Stop the Wolf

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August 21, 2019
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Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Joins Coalition to Stop the Wolf

State-wide groups and individuals unite to oppose forced wolf
introduction in Colorado

Denver, CO –Today, Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition announced the addition of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) to its growing ranks of coalition members who are joining together to oppose forced wolf introduction in Colorado via Ballot Initiative #107.

“Rocky Mountain Farmers Union’s member-developed grassroots policy opposes the reintroduction of predatory animals in areas where they may have an adverse effect on agricultural operations. Our 20,000 members also oppose wildlife management by ballot initiative. Colorado embraces the economic and cultural value of livestock ranching, and the forced introduction of wolves will create too many headaches with no real way to resolve things should they get out of hand. What may appear to be a good idea seems burdened with unanswered questions and unintended consequences. We can’t afford to get this wrong.” -Dr. Dale McCall, RMFU President.

“We are thankful to have Rocky Mountain Farmers Union join our growing Coalition as we mobilize more and more Coloradans who understand the real danger and inevitable disaster that forced introduction of wolves will bring to our state,” said Denny Behrens, Co-Chair of Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition at

Proponents of #107 have until December 13, 2019 to collect some 124,000-voter signatures to place their measure on the November 2020 ballot – a threshold they are widely expected to attain through their major donations from out-of-state financial backers.

If passed, #107 will force Colorado Parks & Wildlife to artificially introduce Northern Gray Wolves into Colorado’s managed ecosystem, even though CPW is already opposed to the idea.

Far from being endangered, the Northern Gray Wolf is not native to Colorado and already thrives in remote parts of Canada and Alaska, away from human populations.

In addition to numerous hunting, ranching, outdoor, and conservationist groups and individuals who are already a part of Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition, RMFU joins with several livestock and farming organizations to demonstrate the broad base of united opposition to forced wolf introduction in Colorado.  To see the growing list of Stop the Wolf Coalition members, visit

Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition, a 501c4 non-profit organization, was started by concerned community leaders and organizations who have seen the data and disastrous results from other states that have been forced to deal with artificial wolf introduction in the past.

“‘If you lose Colorado, you will lose the West to the wolf. Do whatever it takes to defeat any introduction of wolves into Colorado!’ – that’s what experts and residents are telling us from states that are already dealing with forced wolf introduction”, concluded Mr. Behrens